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Sanneng SN6502 Canele Copper Mould 5.5*5 cm

Sanneng Copper Mold is the best vessel for creating your canele molds thanks to its traditional design and copper material. This mold is 5.5*5 cm size. The design is made for the traditional Cannele de Bordeaux, a special cake from the Bordeaux region of France, that include a soft custard center surrounded by a thick carmelized crust. The copper material ensures ultimate heat and thermal conductivity, baking your cakes much faster and more evenly than stainless steel or aluminum alternatives. The tin lining on the interior ensures easy product removal thanks to its multi-layer nonstick coating, while the protective enamel on its exterior makes this mold highly durable and unable to bend or warp over time.

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5.5*5 cm






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